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27.08.2013 10:08
Second ROADAPT Workshop to be held on 9-10th September 2013 in Paris

Two-day workshop on CEDR project entitled "Roads for today, Adapted for tomorrow - State of the art of climate change risk assessments for roads".

21.08.2013 10:08
Fourth OPTIMISM newsletter now published with details of final conference

Register for OPTIMISM final conference on 16th September today to hear about project findings and expert views!

20.08.2013 14:08
Darko Kokot seconded to FEHRL for seven weeks from ZAG

Darko will work on Forever Open Road (FOR) and FOR x 4, as well as the FEHRL Knowledge Centre.

06.08.2013 09:08
EUTRAIN final conference and (Transport) Research Infrastructures Conference

EUTRAIN project final conference on 9th October 2013, followed by one-day Research Infrastructures event co-organised with ETRA.