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12.01.2012 15:01
FEHRL promotes Forever Open Road at TRB on 22nd-26th January 2012

FEHRL attended  TRB 91st Annual Meeting in Washington DC, USA, from 22nd-26th January 2012.

12.01.2012 11:01
EC launches public consultation on Review of directive 96/53/EC: Weights & Dimensions

Online questionnaire to provide input for the considered revision of Directive 96/53/EC and impact assessment to be carried out beforehand.

09.01.2012 09:01
OPTIMISM project newsletter, flyer and poster now published

Newsletter, flyer and poster give  overview of project and details about kick off meeting end-October 2011.

04.01.2012 11:01
FEHRL handout for 2011-2012 now finalised

Updated handout produced for FEHRL booth at TRB annual conference on 22nd-26th January 2012.