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04.10.2010 00:10
European Standard for ITS Communications Architecture published by ETSI

A major milestone in ITS related standardisation has been achieved with the publication of the European Standard for ITS Communications Architecture. The CVIS project, with FEHRL as a partner, has contributed to the publication of "Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS); Communications Architecture", along with the research projects COMeSafety, CVIS and GeoNet. This European Standard has been prepared in close cooperation with ISO TC 204 WG16, IEEE P1609, ERTICO. It is free for download at this link, ETSI EN 302 665 V1.1.1.

07.09.2010 00:09
National Slovakian Group joins FEHRL


FEHRL Slovakian members, Transport Research Institute - VUD, have formed a FEHRL National Group with the University of ilina, Faculty of Civil Engineering. The representative of ilina is Prof. Ján elko and Josef Komaka as Research Coordinator. This cooperation will aim to further strengthen the participation of Slovakia in the activities of FEHRL, maximising the contribution in FEHRL activities at National, European, and International level.