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02.07.2010 00:07
RE-ROAD and PERSUADE in NORDIC publication

The NORDIC, Road and Transport Research magazine has published articles on two of FEHRL's projects, Re-Road and Persuade. To read the articles, please click on the titles. For further information about either of the projects, please click on the logo to take you to the projects website.

30.06.2010 00:06
Final issue of Tyrosafe newsletter published

The Final issue of the Tyrosafe Newsletter is available for download here.

25.06.2010 00:06
Press Release - CERTAIN

PRESS RELEASE | Three EU projects link transport infrastructure research with Central and Eastern Europe: CERTAIN. To view the Press Release, please click more.

24.06.2010 00:06
Press Release - TYROSAFE

EU research project develops recommendations for future policies on harmonisation towards safer and greener roads: TYROSAFE. To view the Press Release, please click more.

15.06.2010 00:06
Ratemystreet website launched by TRL

TRL has developed and launched a new website entitled Ratemystreet, focusing on rating a street's walkability. Based on a 5-star rating system, the online tool utilises Google maps and Google Street view to allow people to see their streets and rate them from around the globe. Ratemystreet is a complimentary tool to TRL's PERS (Pedestrian Environment Review System) software. For further information, please visit the TRL website. To rate your street, please go directly to