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21.08.2013 10:08
Fourth OPTIMISM newsletter now published with details of final conference

Register for OPTIMISM final conference on 16th September today to hear about project findings and expert views!

20.08.2013 14:08
Darko Kokot seconded to FEHRL for seven weeks from ZAG

Darko will work on Forever Open Road (FOR) and FOR x 4, as well as the FEHRL Knowledge Centre.

06.08.2013 09:08
EUTRAIN final conference and (Transport) Research Infrastructures Conference

EUTRAIN project final conference on 9th October 2013, followed by one-day Research Infrastructures event co-organised with ETRA.

05.08.2013 10:08
SOLUTIONS project on innovative green urban transport solutions looking for cities

SOLUTIONS calling for cities from Europe, Asia, Latin America and the Mediterranean, to become involved in innovation activities.

05.08.2013 09:08
Enrol now for the final ERA-NET ROAD Call 2011 ENR MOBILITY conference

ERA-NET ROAD Call 2011 “ENR MOBILITY - Getting the most out of intelligent infrastructure” event to be held in Vienna, Austria on Friday 27th September 2013.