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11.06.2009 00:06
PPP InfoDay on 13 July 2009

As part of the European Economic Recovery Plan, the Commission is launching three Public-Private Partnerships (PPPs) in close cooperation with industry on "Factories of the Future", "Energy-efficient Buildings" and "Green Cars" to provide EUR 3.2 billion of support for long-term "smart" research investment in the manufacturing, construction and automotive sectors.

11.06.2009 00:06
Young Researchers Seminar 2009

The Young Researchers Seminar 2009 took place on 3-5 June 2009 in Torino, Italy. The three YRS09 winners will be automatic finalists of the YEAR2010 project (Young European Arena of Research), a competition for early-stage researchers who are doing research in the area of surface transport. This event will take place during the TRA2010 Conference in Brussels, in June next year. We encourage all the young researchers to participate to this competition: submit your abstracts before 1 March 2010 at

29.05.2009 00:05
FINAL AGENDA for HeavyRoute final Seminar, 9-10 June 2009

The HEAVYROUTE project will present its final results at the HEAVYROUTE FINAL SEMINAR taking place in Brussels on 9-10 June 2009. The FINAL AGENDA Invitation is now available (please click on the title) or you can also find it posted on the knowledge center. To register, please go to the dedicated web page.

25.05.2009 00:05
CERTAIN Slovenian National Workshop: Research projects in the field of road transport in need for more financial support from the state

The Slovenian CERTAIN seminar finished successfully on May 7. It focused on the presentation of results from EU co-funded projects in the field of road infrastructure. It was organized by ZAG Ljubljana, the coordinator of CERTAIN. The seminar was held in Bled as one of the 6 similar events performed in mother languages of the hosting country. Most presentations were held in Slovenian language (with two of them in Croatian and one in Serbian) and were intended for to the non-expert public. (more)

22.05.2009 00:05
Brno commitment for better mobility in Europe’s urban areas

Together with the Chairmen of ECTRI, EURNEX and Humanist,  FEHRL President, Claude Van Rooten, signed the Brno Commitment on Research and Innovation for Urban Mobility.  Bringing together the key research organisations in the field of urban transport,  the signatories commit themselves to work with the relevant stakeholders, municipalities and regions, European Commission and the private sector to tackle the key challenges of sustainable urban transport.