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12.01.2010 00:01
TRA 2010

TRA 2010 The third announcement for the Transport Research Arena, taking place June 7th-10th, 2010, is now available. If you would like to to attend, please see the TRA Brochure for the Final Invitation and Registration Form.

11.01.2010 00:01
Dutch Air Quality Innovation Programme concluded

RWS DWWThe Dutch Air Quality Innovation Programme has concluded after 5-years of research. This project was coordinated by Rijkswaterstaat, the Netherlands’ Directorate-General for Public Works and Water Management. The findings of this project on measures to improve air quality along motorways are now ready for distribution. The know-how has been built up in the course of a series of unique and large-scale practical trials carried out under the innovation programme. The brochure is available here.

10.01.2010 00:01
Establishing a new structure for transport research

Formal presentation of the Lyon declaration to Commissioner for Research Janez Potocnik (left to right, Evangelos Bekiaris (CERTH/FERSI), Guy Bourgeois (ECTRI), Wolfgang Steinicke (EURNEX), Claude Van Rooten (FEHRL) and Janez Potocnik Together with its partner organisations in the Lyon Declaration, FEHRL has recently submitted its first report developed by a Joint Task Force on recommendations for the future of transport research.  This builds on the 2008 Lyon Declaration, where the signatories i.e ECTRI, FERSI, FEHRL, EURNEX, HUMANIST, ISN and NEARCTIS committed themselves to work together on the deepening the European Research Area objectives in transport in order to address the Grand Challenges. 

07.01.2010 00:01
Knowledge Transfer and Dissemination Flyers

CERTAINWithin work package 4 of the CERTAIN project, the main objective was to foster and organise clustering and knowledge sharing, support cohesion and promote excellence in Central and Eastern European Countries. The FEHRLopedia was developed to support this objective by providing a common place for dissemination and exploitation of results of clustered projects in all languages. For more information on how to use the FEHRLopedia, please see the newly  developed "FEHRLopedia Manual". In line with knowledge transfer and dissemination, a separate flyer on FEHRL’s practices, provides an overview of the different possibilities FEHRL has available in “Knowledge Dissemination and Trainings”.

06.01.2010 00:01
Longer Heavy Vehicles - LHV Project

FEHRLA consortium including FEHRL has been awarded a contract by the EC’s DG Transport to assess the likely effects if a number of different amendments to EC regulations on truck masses and dimensions were to be permitted.  This consortium led by the UK’s Transport Research Laboratory (TRL) brings together a number of key national experts including FEHRL members TRL (UK), LCPC (France), BASt (Germany), VTI (Sweden) and RWS DVS (Netherlands). Together with our partners (NEA, NL and Setra, France), one of the project objectives will be to review the implications if longer and/or heavier trucks were to be permitted in the different member states of Europe.