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Forum of European National Highway Research Laboratories


07.09.2010 00:09
National Slovakian Group joins FEHRL


FEHRL Slovakian members, Transport Research Institute - VUD, have formed a FEHRL National Group with the University of ilina, Faculty of Civil Engineering. The representative of ilina is Prof. Ján elko and Josef Komaka as Research Coordinator. This cooperation will aim to further strengthen the participation of Slovakia in the activities of FEHRL, maximising the contribution in FEHRL activities at National, European, and International level.

30.08.2010 00:08
Are you interested in establishing contacts for one of the new 2011 FP7 EC calls?

In order to establish interest and cooperation in the 2011 FP7 EC calls, FEHRL has organised a Registration Page where members can indicate their interests in proposals. This list will be used to help establish links between partners and put different interested experts in touch with each other to form successful proposals. It will also be used by the FEHRL office to help support different activities. A full list with information on the listed proposals is available here (.pdf). Please forward the page link to your colleagues.

27.08.2010 00:08
Detra Project Kick-off

Detra website The FP7 Coordination and Support action, DETRA (Developing the European Transport Research Alliance), kicked-off on June 1st 2010. Partners gathered in early June to set the groundwork for this €1,0M project. With Steve Phillips, FEHRL, as Project Coordinator, the alliance consists of the Lyon Declaration signatories - ECTRI, FERSI, FEHRL, EURNEX, HUMANIST, ISN and NEARCTIS. Addressing the Grand Challenges of the European Research Area objectives in transport, DETRA will produce five major outputs covering the main strategic issues to be addressed in shaping a coherent Transport ERA programme for 2020. The project will run for 28 months. For further information, please consult the Detra website:

27.08.2010 00:08
PILOT4SAFETY Project Kick-off

Pilot4Safety website PILOT4SAFETY is a €1.3M DG MOVE project that kicked off on 1 June 2010. Six partners from across Europe – ASTRAL, CDV, Generalitat de Catalunya, Prefecture of Thessaloniki, Randers Municipality, and FEHRL - are working together to contribute to the implementation of coherent safety procedures for the European road network, based on Directive 2008/96/CE of the European Parliament. In order to do so, this project is focusing on developing curricula and tools for the auditing and inspections of secondary roads in a group of EU Regions tailor made to the needs of regional/local authorities, as well as reaching an agreement between the involved regions about the acceptance of a common training curricula and the exchange of safety experts. Leading the project is Dr. Adewole Adesiyun from FEHRL. The project will run for 24 months. To keep up-to-date with this project’s developments, please consult the project website:

24.08.2010 00:08
Forever Open Road Programme Manager Appointed

FORMr. Ruud Smit from The Netherlands, RWS DVS, has been appointed as the Forever Open Road Programme Manager. In this role, Mr Smit will work with the forum of FOR Champions to help build and sustain the FOR programme and the related events. The objectives are to get FOR on the move within the community of the FOR Champions themselves by the end of 2010; to broaden the participation in FOR from FEHRL members and other stakeholders in 2011 and to help the forum of FOR Champions in positioning FOR to the European Commission and Member States in order to secure FOR in FP8 and in ERANET-ROAD/TRANSPORT by 2013. This role will come into effect on 1 September 2010. Mr Smit will be working from the FEHRL office in Brussels, Belgium.