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Forum of European National Highway Research Laboratories


18.10.2013 15:10
Concrete Innovation Conference to be held in Oslo on 11-13th June 2014

CIC 2014 organised by Norwegian Concrete Association in cooperation with FEHRL group members SINTEF and NTNU.

18.10.2013 14:10
Changes to two Research Coordinator group members

New Research Coordinator for DRD and Norwegian Research Coordinator changes organisation

18.10.2013 14:10
Two new Energy, Environment & Resources Research Area Leaders

Two new Energy, Environment & Resources Research Area Leaders now in place from BASt and TRL

16.10.2013 10:10
Submit a poster to TRA Outreach Marketplaces by October 31st!

Innovative companies and on-going project leaders welcome (among others) to submit Outreach Marketplaces on the submission website

16.10.2013 10:10
Darko Kokot presents Forever Open Road and FORx4 at Future Way conference

Mini-conference held on September 20th at Department of Road Engineering, Tallinn University of Technology