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BASt - Federal Highway Research Institute

Organisation official name: Bundesanstalt für Straßenwesen
English name: Federal Highway Research Institute
Short name (acronym): BASt
Type of organisation: FEHRL member
Ownership: Other
Area of interests: BASt
Street: Bruderstrasse 53
City: Bergisch Gladbach
Country: Germany
Contact phone: +49 2204 43 - 0
Contact email:

Company info

The Federal Highway Research Institute (BASt) is the practice-oriented, technical-scientific research institute of the German Government in the field of road engineering. It is dedicated to a wide range of tasks, which result from the relationships between roads, humans and the environment. Its mission is the improvement of safety, environmental compatibility, efficiency and performance relating to roads.

The BASt provides the Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure (BMVI) with scientifically valid aids as decision support in technical and transport policy issues. The tasks range from planning, coordination and performance of multi-annual research projects through to the fast response to questions in supporting the current work of the BMVI. It is a leading member of the network of national and European cutting-edge research institutes in the field of road engineering and is significantly involved on a worldwide basis in drawing up regulations and standards.

The tasks of the BASt also include consultancy, attestation and inspection and certification activities as well as functioning as the driving licence procedure assessment centre.

BASt was established in 1951 and has been based in Bergisch Gladbach since 1983. Since 1970, the BASt has been the central point for road traffic accident research in Germany.