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LVCELI - Latvian State Roads

Organisation official name: Latvijas Valsts ceļi
English name: Latvian State Roads
Short name (acronym): LVCELI
Type of organisation: /
Ownership: Public
Area of interests: LVCELI
Street: 1A Rencenu street
City: Riga
Country: Latvia
Contact phone: +37167036458
Contact email:

Company info

Road Competence Center (former Road Laboratory) of LVCELI is the acting member of FEHRL. RCC operates Latvia's most advanced road laboratory and is aimed to provide the road industry with knowledge needed to build and maintain durable and safe road network. Road laboratory performs magnitude of routine and research related testing. Close cooperation with Riga Technical University ensures that students get opportunity to learn from experienced professionals, thus, building a sustainable development of road industry's future.

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