Dissemination manager and plan

FEHRL has years of experience in managing dissemination Work Packages and setting up dissemination plans for projects. The dissemination plan will usually be put together during the first months of the project and will include the objective, target group, messages and face-to-face and mass media tools. The main mass media tooks are highlighted on this page, and the main face-to-face ones can be found under the event page.

Contact FEHRL at info if you would like to see examples of the work that we have done or involve us in your proposal for your project.   

Visual identity

FEHRL develops a coherent visual identity at the beginning of each project, including graphics and templates that can be used by partners when presenting their work in electronic and print material, as well as an interactive set of core slides.

This work typically includes the logo, flyer and poster for each project.

Publications and press work

FEHRL coordinates the publication of research results from its projects, for example in final reports and media articles, and even publishes its own semi-annual magazine, the FEHRL Infrastructure Research Magazine (FIRM) which is distributed to some 2000 key road and infrastructure stakeholders.

See our FEHRL publications here


FEHRL produces project newsletters on a regular basis to send to the partners and key stakeholders. They promote the project progress and results, as well as announce upcoming events. 

The newsletter is usually also accessible thorough the public part of the website.


FEHRL sets up project websites giving an overview of the activities of the project, as well as up-to-date information on the progress and outcomes. A private area can also be included for Consortium project members. Here is a list of the most recent websites produced: