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Forum of European National Highway Research Laboratories



The key element in this ecosystem is the FEHRL members themselves, as identified, and where appropriate (e.g. Ireland, Netherlands and Norway) their scientific representatives on the Research Coordinator committee

AIT member.JPG

AIT, Austria (With TUV)

Director: Anna Huditz 

Research Coordinator: Manfred Haider

ANAS member.JPG

ANAS, Italy

Director:  to be nominated

Research Coordinator: Francesca La Torre (UNIFI)


BASt, Germany

Director: Markus Oeser

Research Coordinator: Dirk Jansen

BFH member

BFH, Switzerland

 Director & Research Coordinator: Nicolas Bueche

BRRC 2019 member .JPG

BRRC, Belgium

 Director: Annick De Swaef 

Research Coordinator: Xavier Cocu

CDV member

CDV, Czech Republic

  Director: Roman Licbinsky

Research Coordinator: Rudolf Cholava

CEDEX member

CEDEX, Spain

 Director: Laura Parra

Research Coordinator: María Nieves Sánchez Pallarés

DNDI member

DNDI, Ukraine

 Director: Artem Bezuglyi

Research Coordinator: Natalya Bidnenko

DTI member border .JPG
DTI, Denmark

Director: Mette Glavind  

 Research Coordinator: Katja Udbye Christensen



IBDiM, Poland

 Director: Mariusz Urbański

Research Coordinator: Maciej Maliszewski


KEDE Member

KEDE, Greece (With NTUA)

 Director: Ploubidou Ekaterini

Research Coordinator: Christina Plati

KGM member

KGM, Turkey

Director & Research Coordinator: Ahmet Sağlik


KTI member

KTI, Hungary

Director: András Munkácsy

Research Coordinator: Zsolt Bencze

 LNEC member

LNEC, Portugal

 Director: Maria de Lurdes Antunes

Research Coordinator: Ana Cristina Freire

LVC new logo border 2020.JPG

LVC, Latvia

 Director: Jānis Barbars

Research Coordinator: Jānis Baumanis

NPRA member

Director: Marit Brandtsegg

Research Coordinator: Elisabeth Skuggevik 

PCH member

 PCH, Luxembourg

 Director & Research Coordinator: George Blasen

PWD Cyprus .JPG
PWD, Cyprus

Director: Thekla Kadi

Research Coordinator: Minas Tapakis 


RBI member

RBI, Bulgaria

 Director: Veselin Dimitrov  

Research Coordinator: Dafina Pangarova  

RWS member

RWS, Netherlands (with TNO & TUD)

  Director: Rini Van Rootselaar

                     Research Coordinator: Greet Leegwater (TNO)

                                          ....         Aikaterini Varveri (TUD)


TII member

TII, Ireland (with UCD & TCD)

 Director: Albert Daly

Research Coordinator: Alan O'Connor 

Univ Notthingham_border.jpg 

 University of Notthingham

   Director: Gordon Airey

Research Coordinator: to be nominated


Univ Gustave Eiffel Border .JPG

UGE - Université Gustave Eiffel

Director: Gilles Roussel

Research Coordinator: Fabianne Anfosso



 Director: Domagoj Damjanović

Research Coordinator: Mario Bačić

UNIZA member

UZ, Slovakia

  Director: Jan Celko

Research Coordinator: Dana Sitanyiova 

Vilnius new logo border .JPG


Director: Audrius Vaitkus

Research Coordinator: Judita Škulteckė

VTI member

VTI, Sweden

  Director: Tomas Svensson

Research Coordinator: Björn Kalman 


Zag member 2

ZAG, Slovenia

Director: Aleš Žnidarič

Research Coordinator: Darko Kokot


Nativei member


 Director: Nissim Perez

Research Coordinator: TBN

  Deputy RC: Shlomo Bechor


FHWA member


Director: Kelly Regal              

Research Coordinator: TBN




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Stakeholders & Partners 

There are effectively two sets of enabling organisations with whom FEHRL and its members need to collaborate to execute its mission and reach its vision.


The first could be described as quasi-governmental organisations such as the European Commission and CEDR in its role representing National Road Authorities. Arguably, PIARC would also fall under this category due to the large governmental influence within it. These organisations can also provide funding at different levels through framework programmes (EC), transnational research calls (CEDR) and special projects (PIARC).

Other organisations in this category would include CEN, CENELEC and ISO in their roles as standardisation bodies for products or processes developed by FEHRL members.

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FEHRL Partner Organisations


The second external group could be considered to be ‘partner’ organisations, i.e. similar organisations to FEHRL representing members in aligned fields (e.g. FERSI for road safety), technology platforms covering specific modes and industry representatives, covering those who will eventually deploy research undertaken by FEHRL members. Further, these organisations also play a valuable role in creating market pull, for products or technologies they need to overcome problems or issues. Finally, there are technology providers that work with FEHRL and FEHRL institutes on an ongoing or ad hoc basis.

The split between the two sets of organisations is merely indicative of typical roles and there are occasions (e.g. TRA planning with CEDR) where quasi-governmental organisations partner with FEHRL and occasions when a ‘partner’ may operate in more of a client or official role.