European Scanning Tour September 2017

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Forum of European National Highway Research Laboratories

Scanning Tour September 2017


The porpouse of the Scanning Tour to Europe in September 2017 is to:

  • Understand some of the latest thinking on the path for autonomous vehicles and what infrastructure might be needed to support any transition or what impact autonomous vehicles might have on existing infrastructure.
  • See examples of autonomous vehicles in action.
  • See examples of collection of solar electricity and learn about the potential technical and economic viability of these schemes in supplying European energy requirements.
  • See an example of the delivery of electrical power to heavy vehicles.

To have further information, please contact Martin Lamb, Maple Consulting Ltd on behalf of FEHRL.


To follow all documents and pictures of this Scanning tour, please click here  (you need to be loged in to have access) 

21741129_1202626206508609_6116253431603349306_o.jpg S Tour 2017  pic 1.jpg Capture.JPG
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