About us

Forum of European National Highway Research Laboratories


FEHRL was formed in 1989, in the UK, by the Directors of road research institutes of thirteen countries.

For the last 30 years, FEHRL's primary objective has been to provide opportunities for identifying research priorities and to create a positive climate for cooperation between its institute-members.

Over time, Members and Associates have grown to thirty two countries, including members throughout the European member states, EFTA countries and Eastern European countries, but also Australia, Israel and the USA.

In 2000, FEHRL became an international association, with its registered offices in Brussels, the FEHRL Secretariat.


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FEHRL is governed by a General Assembly (FGA) from whom a President and Vice-President(s) are elected to serve for three years. The Board meets at least twice a year to conduct FEHRL business and to ensure that the objectives are being vigorously pursued.
The FEHRL structure:
The President, Vice-President(s) and other elected General Assembly (FGA) members constitute a FEHRL Supervisory Board Assembly which has the function of overseeing the activities of the Association. 
The FEHRL Executive Committee (FEC) is responsible for the legal and contractual aspects of FEHRL operations. They supervise the on-going research programmes and appoint Project Managers. The FEC Members assess the risks and benefits of project proposals initiated by the FEHRL Research Area Leaders (RALs) and FEHRL Research Coordinators (FRC), especially the management and financial risk for the Association, which they manage on behalf of the FEHRL Supervisory Board (FSB). The FEC Members are the signatories on all FEHRL contracts. 
The development of collaborative research activities are organised through the FEHRL Research Area Leaders (RALs) and FEHRL Research Coordinators (FRC). The latter, from all institutes, facilitate exchange on a wide range of research and technical matters concerning roads. The FRC Members provide a flexible and effective link between the General Assembly (FGA) and the Presidency, FEC Members, the FEHRL Secretariat and the FEHRL Institute-Members and Associates.
The FRC Members initiate Task Forces to assist in the formulation of activites on individual technical topics. Meanwhile, the FOREX Working Group develops FEHRL's flagship Forever Open Road programme and elements.
The FEHRL Secretariat supports the Association's activities and acts as focal point for the development of new opportunities for collaboration and knowledge dissemination, from its offices in Brussels.


Who are we?

FEHRL - the Forum of European National Highway Research Laboratories - is an
international association comprising over thirty two national research and technical institutes, including members throughout the EU members states, EFTA countries and Eastern European countries, but also Australia, Israel and the USA.

Mission Statement and Objectives

FEHRL's mission is to promote and facilitate collaboration on road research and provide high-quality information and advice on technologies and policies related to roads, with staff from the national institutes providing the technical input for all projects. FEHRL's objectives are, through the specification and delivery of research to:
• Provide scientific input to European and national government policy on highway engineering and road transport matters;
Create and maintain an efficient and safe road and infrastructure network;

Increase innovation in road and infrastructure construction and related industries;
• Improve the energy efficiency of road and infrastructure engineering and operations;
Protect the environment and improve the quality of life.